Water Plan & Pricing Review

 NEW – Pricing Review

Every five years the Corporation develops a plan that sets out proposed service standards, capital and operating expenditure, and the required prices charged to customers for the delivery of water and waste services.

The current plan finishes in June 2018. The 5 year plan has been developed based on extensive customer consultation conducted over the last 18 months which has included;

  • Seven Advisory panel sessions –  Advisory Panel Terms Of Reference
  • 400 responses to our surveys – a statistically valid sample set.
  • 10 ‘Your Town’ visits.
  • Five Discussion sessions with community groups.
  • Focus group discussion sessions in all major centres.
  • 14 in-depth telephone interviews with stakeholders and key customers.
  • 300 responses to discussion sheets based on areas of key focus.
  • Ongoing information program including; Information leaflets, media articles and adverts mailed to 21,000 customers, emailed to 1,340 and reached 51,700 via traditional media or 5,100 via social media channels.

The consultation program looked at all aspects of the organisation, before entering a deliberative process of in-depth discussion with customers. This was followed by a checking phase before the plan was/is submitted to the Essential Services Commission

Essential Services Commission – Draft Determination Released

 The Essential Services Commission has reviewed South Gippsland Water’s Price Submission and released its Draft Determination on the 3rd April 2018. The Draft Determination has adjusted downwards a number of South Gippsland Water’s expenditure estimates.

South Gippsland Water are committed to delivering on the customer needs and expectations that were canvased during an extensive consultation process. To this end, we will review the determination and seek further clarification from the Essential Services Commission as necessary.

The Corporation will formulate its response in coming weeks and will incorporate key learnings from its review.

Have Your Say

Customer and community input is integral to the review and submission process, and South Gippsland Water is continually seeking feedback from individuals, groups, local businesses and industry regarding matters of significance.

An ongoing program to monitor the implementation of the Pricing Submission over the next pricing period – 2018/23 is currently being developed. A range of engagement platforms will be utilised and customers are invited to provide feedback or register for inclusion in the process by emailing sgwater@sgwater.com.au or contacting the engagement team on 1300 851 636.

Pricing Submission

The Pricing Submission sets out South Gippsland Water’s prices, service standards and capital works over the next two years.

South Gippsland Water undertook a long process of planning and consultation with customers to develop the Pricing Submission. It was then submitted to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the independent economic regulator, for review.  The determination by the Essential Services Commission will see water prices in South Gippsland hold stable with only CPI to be applied for the next two years commencing 1 July 2018.

Water Prices Hold Steady_Final Pricing Determination – Media Release

South Gippsland Water 2018 Price Determination