Water Plan & Pricing Review


NEW – Pricing Review

Every five years the Corporation develops a plan that sets out proposed service standards, capital and operating expenditure, and the required prices charged to customers for the delivery of water and waste services.

The current plan finishes in June 2018. A new plan needs to be submitted to the Essential Services Commission the economic regulator for the Victorian Water Industry, by June 2017.

These plans have previously been know as the Corporation’s Water Plan, but the next version of the plan will be called the South Gippsland Water Pricing Review.

Have Your Say

Customer and community input is integral to the review process, and South Gippsland Water is seeking feedback from individuals, groups, local businesses and industry regarding matters of significance.

Every element of the business is open for discussion and examination. A Pricing Review Advisory Panel has been established to assist the Corporation in this process.
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Water Plan

The Water Plan III 2013-18 sets out South Gippsland Water’s prices, service standards and capital works over five years.

South Gippsland Water undertook a long process of planning and consultation with customers to develop Water Plan 2013-2018. It was then submitted to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the independent economic regulator, for review in September 2012. In late June 2013, after discussion and amendments, the ESC provided its final decision on our Water Plan.


Water Plan 2013/14 – 2017/18

Water Plan Appendices 1-2

Water Plan Appendices 3-16