System Updates and Alerts

Friday, February 17, 2017

Foster Water Supply system

Water discolouration – safe to drink

Customers in the Foster area may notice some discolouration in the local water supply.

The local water supply has recently been affected by a number of natural influences including algae and manganese, a naturally occurring mineral in the South Gippsland soil.

Small local water supplies like Foster may change quickly from these naturally occurring influences.

Staff are working to ensure the impact to our customers is kept to a minimum. However, some discolouration may continue to be experienced across the township.

South Gippsland Water apologies to our customers and visitors to the area, rest assured the water is within World Health standards and perfectly safe to drink

Customers who have questions or concerns regarding their water supply can contact South Gippsland Water’s Customer Service Team on

1300 851 636.