Preparing for the Next 25 Years

South Gippsland Water is looking to the future when it comes to business operations, customer service and workplace suitability; a priority focus on best serving customers, community and the corporation over the coming 25 years.


Corporation-wide Review
South Gippsland Water’s current accommodation is a legacy of the amalgamation of a number of smaller authorities in 1995 and, as such, is ageing infrastructure and dispersed across multiple sites throughout the region.
The Corporation has been reviewing its required workplace practices and infrastructure in order to establish the best business outcomes to serve the region’s townships over the long-term.

Significant investment is required to repair and renovate existing office and depot infrastructure across the region. This realisation triggered a thorough review of the location, configuration and number of existing facilities and the current situation has been deemed inefficient and, in some cases, presents safety issues.

The status quo will remain for water and wastewater treatment plants, but it is anticipated a combination of depot and office space will be required, with a consolidation of facilities at a new location likely.

South Gippsland Water expects to have the results of the review by the end of this financial year. Information updates will continue for staff, community and stakeholders as the process progresses.

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Preparing for the Next 25 Years


20 Pioneer Street Foster
Fencing and scaffolding is being erected around Foster’s old maternal health building in Pioneer Street in preparation for its dismantling during May/June. The building has unresolvable issues relating to its structure, usability and our occupational health and safety responsibilities to staff. The cost of renovation and refurbishment has been thoroughly investigated and determined to be prohibitive.
Staff who have occupied the building for many years are now accommodated in either the main office building or the old Kinder building which South Gippsland Water was able to purchase and upgrade when it became available.

Once the old maternal health building has been safely demolished, the site will be used for additional staff parking to alleviate the demand for street parking along Pioneer Street and near the childcare centre. Local residents and those who travel along Pioneer Street are asked to take particular care in the vicinity of the work area.

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