Pricing Review Community Engagement

South Gippsland Water has provided a Pricing Submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in late September 2017. The submission outlines the:

  • Services we provide to customers
  • Required capital and operating expenditure to deliver the services
  • Proposed prices customers will pay over the period

You can view the Submission and provide feedback to the ESC as part of the Water Price Review process via the ESC’s website:
ESC Water Price Review Web Page
South Gippsland Water’s 2018/19 – 2022/23 Pricing Submission

Graphic for SGW Web ESC Timeline

Latest Fact Sheets & Information

The Next 5 Years: What’s in the plan 2018-2022 (2 page outline) 
The Next 5 Years: Whats In the Plan 2018 to 2022 (Extended 6 page outline)
The Next 5 Years: Major Projects 2018-2022

Engaging With and Listening to Customers

In preparing our 5 year plan we have been actively seeking our customer’s thoughts and opinions over the last 15 months.  This feedback has shaped the plan we put forward, with the consultation conducted being the most comprehensive program to date.

Pricing Review Advisory Panel

The Corporation has established an advisory panel with membership drawn from a broad cross section of business and the community. The panel will be a significant voice in driving the Pricing Review and will help inform the Corporation, and its decision-making bodies, of community preferences and concerns regarding service provision and a future pricing regime. Pricing Review_Terms Of Reference_FINAL_21 06 2016

Members of the Advisory Panel Meeting


Pricing Review Media Release Community Update June 2017
Pricing Review_Media Release_What Matters To You?
Pricing Review Survey_Media Release_Results
Pricing Review Survey_Media Release_Prize Draw
Pricing Review_Media Release_ Customer Survey
Pricing Review_ Community Update_ August 2016
Pricing Review_Media Release_ Advisory Panel
Pricing Review_Media Release_Advisory Committee


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