Sewerage Schemes

Poowong, Loch and Nyora

South Gippsland Water is currently constructing the Poowong, Loch & Nyora Sewerage Scheme, working in partnership with South East Water undertaking construction and connections.  The scheme is required to address existing public health and environment issues from aging, failing and poorly maintained septic systems.

As of March 2016, more than 155 properties had already been connected to the scheme, with an average of 12-15 property connections per week continuing to project completion.

Connected property owners can download a pdf of the brochure Your Pressure Sewer System – A Homeowner’s Guide

Your Pressure Sewer System_A Homeowners Guide

Project Background

In February 2014, South Gippsland Water completed its review of the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme.  The key review outcomes were that a pressure sewer system is to be installed for all three towns with wastewater transferred under agreement to South East Water’s Lang Lang Water Recycling Plant for treatment and re-use.

Much of the area originally proposed to be sewered will now be serviced, albeit under a tiered structure encompassing two service areas. There will be an $800 Service Area incorporating the central town areas which will address the public health and environment issues and a $5,000 Voluntary Service Area which generally reflects the wider township area including larger sized allotments.

The wider network of sewer pipelines will enable connection of most township properties. A joint arrangement between South Gippsland Water and South East Water has been found to be the most economical and efficient option.

More information about the project & the latest media releases and community updates are available for download below:

Community Update February 2015

Service Area Map – Poowong
Service Area Map – Loch
Service Area Map – Nyora Nth
Service Area – Nyora Sth

Fact Sheet Pricing Principles June 2015

Media Releases

South East Water_LNP 200 media release FINAL 21032016
PLN Sewerage Subsidy Deadline_Media Release_FINAL_09 03 2016
PLN Sewer Scheme Update 18 January 2016 Media Release

PLN Media Release – Information Sessions & Sausage Sizzle Wed 23rd July Nyora 5-7pm 
Construction Frequently Asked Questions
PLN Sewerage Scheme Community Update Feb 2014
Sewerage Review Complete – Jan 2014 – Media Release
PLN Sewerage Scheme Community Update Nov/Dec 2013
Media Release – Leaner Sewerage Scheme Proposed Sep 2013
Q&A – Frequently Asked Questions – PLN Sewer Scheme Review 2013
Media Release – ESC Releases Draft Pricing Determination
Media Release – ESC Talks Underway

Notice of Intention to Construct & Related Materials

PLN Notice of Intention to Construct

Sewer Reticulation Alignments & Plans

PLN Loch Overview
PLN Nyora Overview
PLN Poowong Overview
PLN Townships Overview
PLN Transfer System Overview


Alberton Sewerage Scheme

Now ‘Connection Ready’

South Gippsland Water commenced construction of the Alberton Sewerage Scheme in January 2014. The last components of the system were installed and the system tested and commissioned in October 2014.  The system has now been declared operational and customers are invited to connect (please see below the Connection Kit).  This community initiated project will improve public and environmental health for the community of Alberton.

As announced in September 2014, South Gippsland Water has now completed all electrical connections for the Scheme, as such, customers now only need to engage a plumber to make their connection and decommission their septic tank.

The Sewerage Scheme Contribution (a part contribution to the total cost of the sewerage scheme) is also payable.  This invoice will be mailed over the coming weeks.  Scheme Contribution amounts will be charged on a per title basis, $9,200 for each developed title allotment and $4,600 for each vacant title allotment.  This contribution is a once off charge and will be due for payment by the 31st January 2015.  Customers are able to enter into a repayment agreement and to pay by installments.  Please see below the Finance Fact Sheet.

All developed properties within the Sewerage Scheme boundary are required to connect to reticulated sewerage by the 7th April 2015.  As the system installed for Alberton is a pressure sewer, where pump units are not designed to sit dormant for any ongoing period of time, a reasonable six month connection period has been established for scheme connections.

Alberton Sewerage Scheme Connection Kit 
Alberton Sewerage Fact Sheet Repayment Plans
Community Update September 2014
Alberton – Your Pressure Sewer Explained: An owner’s guide to pressure sewers
Reticulation System Map
Letter to Alberton Landowners – Voting Results

In 2011 the Corporation held a community vote to endorse the scheme. Over three quarters of landowners returned a vote, the overwhelming majority of landowners within the community have voted yes, with 79% of respondents voting in favour of the scheme. In reaffirming the community’s endorsement of the proposal, when votes were counted based on the number of allotments owned, over 67% of allotment votes were in favour of the scheme.