Price, Services, Future 2023 to 2028

We Need You

We’re currently planning for  the future. Have your say on prices, water and wastewater services for the period 2023 – 2028.

We’ve put together a series of two-hour workshops that we’d love you to join, to give us your thoughts on finding the balance between the services we provide, the infrastructure we need to maintain those services, and how we approach the challenges of future growth and climate change.

We’re looking for about 30 people to put their hands up for each one, and it would be great to see representatives from our towns right across South Gippsland and the Bass Coast. All participants will be reimbursed $100 for their time.

Workshop #1:

The recent boil water advisory for Inverloch

Setting up a $10,000 Community Resilience Grant in response

Workshop #2:

You told us. We listened. Let’s work together to make commercial wastewater tariffs work

Workshop #3:

Finding the balance between prices, services and our future sustainability

21 June 2022, 4pm to 6pm,

Inverloch Community Hub

*Register by emailing:

28 June 2022, 4pm to 6pm

Memorial Hall, Leongatha, Meeting Room 1

*Register by emailing:

29 June 2022, 4pm to 6pm

Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, Cavil Room

*Register by emailing:

*Pre-registration for the workshops is required in order to confirm numbers for catering and reimbursement.

Previous Price Submission

We encourage you to have a look at our previous Pricing Submission to gain a better understanding of what we committed to in 2020-2023. Below, you can also find our previous customer scorecards.

  • Customer integrity – We will act with honesty, respect and strive to balance affordability, value for money and fairness – Fact sheet Customer Integrity
  • Environment – Be environmentally sustainable and adapt to a future impacted by climate variability – Fact sheet Environment
  • Reliability – We will plan for the future, be reliable and minimise unplanned interruptions to services – Fact sheet Reliability
  • Water Provide safe, clean drinking water – Fact sheet Water
  • Wastewater – Provide a safe wastewater service that contributes to the liveability of our communities – Fact sheet Wastewater

We will provide regular updates to you as we gain an understanding of our community’s views. You’ll find these on this webpage, or you can check out our social media channels for regular updates.