System Updates and Alerts

Monday, March 19, 2018


Unplanned Interruptions:

Town  Location   Time Frame
 Devon Nth  Tarra River Water Supply System  Water By Agreement customers may have water supply cease at short notice due to environmental flow obligations for the Tarra River. Read More  Tarra River Flows: 19/3/18, 3.85 ML per day.

Planned Works & Service Disruptions:

Town Location   Time Frame
Korumburra  Warragul Rd Water main replacement. Reinstatement program underway. November  2017 – March  2018
Korumburra  System wide  Air Scour Water Main Cleaning – More information below.  12th February 2018 – 6th April 2018
Yarram, Devon Nth, Alberton & Port Albert  Tarra River Water Supply System Supplementary water supply activated – Customers may notice a changed taste and smell of water. Read More  12th February 2018


Water Supply Interruptions: Korumburra Water Main Cleaning – Air Scouring Program

Day Date Water Isolation     Times Streets Affected
20.03.2018 09.30 – 1530  Isabella Bld, Mossimo Way, Romano Way, Carla Cres, Gabriella Way, Georgina Parade
 21.03.2018 09.30 – 1530  Shellcotts Road 4-32, Little Princess St., Parry St, Mair Cres, Riflebutts Rd, Rudds Rd, Anthony Court, Olden Crt, Dowell Crt, Holmes Crt
 22.03.2018 09.30 – 1530  Mine Rd 33-59, Princess St 46-93,Leongatha Road 1&2, Walters St 1-11, Richard St 1-7, Nuttal St 1&2,

Summer conditions have presented challenges for water treatment and delivery this year in a number of townships across the region. Please be assured that we are working hard to resolve a range of issues. South Gippsland Water monitor all water supplies closely, water provided by the corporation is within Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

South Gippsland Water thank all customers for their patience. The Corporation is actively working to resolve the Water Quality issues, unfortunately there is no short term fix and these issues may reoccur for a number of months

Customers that experience coloured tap water are encouraged to please call South Gippsland Water on 1300 851 636 to ensure we have a full understanding of where the discolouration is occurring.

Two key contributors are;

Manganese in Korumburra, Poowong, Loch, Nyora and Leongatha. Discoloured water due to a heightened level of Manganese, a naturally-occurring mineral in our systems. This mineral is always present however, normally manganese sediments settle to the bottom of the pipe reticulation network where they don’t cause problems for our customers. Discoloured water has been experienced across the region.

Changes to pressure and flows within the system cause sediments to be stirred up and entered the flow to customers’ taps. The manganese sediments tend to give the water a yellow through to brown or “dirty” appearance.

Manganese is not toxic when consumed at low concentrations typically present in tap water and at low detectable levels. However, it is not advisable to drink water that is badly coloured.

If you are doing laundry and notice that the water contains particles or has a taint to it, leave the laundry items in the machine or tub; do not spin or hang out to dry as this will set stains that may have formed. South Gippsland Water can supply you with a product to add to the water to prevent staining.

Algae causing an altered water taste in Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Cape Paterson, Poowong, Loch & Nyora 

Many of our dams and reservoirs are affected over the summer months by the growth of algae. Algae thrives in warm dry conditions and when water in the catchment has high nutrient levels.

As the bloom recedes and the algae die off they will release chemical substances into the water that may cause a disagreeable taste and odour. Water is safe to drink.

For any enquiries please contact South Gippsland Water 1300 851 636.