System Updates and Alerts



Unplanned Interruptions
Day/Date Location Issue
Monday, 19th August 2019WONTHAGGI
West Area Road

Wonthaggi Wastewater Treatment Plant
Excess water from heavy rainfall and run-off has increased volumes in South Gippsland Water’s lagoon system at the Wonthaggi Wastewater Treatment Plant.
As a result, there is currently a Controlled Emergency Discharge of fully treated effluent into the storm water system, West Area Road Wonthaggi.
Crews are monitoring the sites and sampling waterways where required.

Planned Works & Interruptions
Day/Date Location Issue/Works
Tuesday, 30th July 2019WONTHAGGI

Watt Street Wonthaggi – Water Main Renewal Project

South Gippsland Water has commenced works on replacing approximately 450 meters of old water main in Watt Street Wonthaggi. The new water main will replace a 90 year old cast iron main which has reached end of life. SGW construction team will be constructing the new main between Graham Street and McKenzie Street. The new water main will be laid in a new trench mostly within the nature strip.

Customer’s supplies should not be affected by works and the construction team will work with customers to minimise construction disruption.

Monday, 12th August 2019 - Saturday, 30th November 2019WONTHAGGI

Graham Street Wonthaggi – Water Main Renewal Project

A 530m section of the 108 year old water main along Graham Street, (between McKenzie and Billson’s Streets) which is prone to bursts and leaks, particularly in times of dry weather, is to be replaced.

Commencing late August 2019, it is anticipated that much of the works will be completed during the night, to limit disruption to Wonthaggi’s main shopping and business district. The majority of works will occur within car parking bays along the south side of Graham Street. South Gippsland Water will repair and re-instate the roadway and footpaths affected during construction. These works are scheduled to be completed by late November.

Monday, 12th August 2019 - Saturday, 30th November 2019LEONGATHA

Bair Street Leongatha – Water Main Renewal Project

A 575m section of pipe along Bair Street and a small section along Church Street will be replaced towad the end of August. To minimise disruption construction will utilise trenchless construction, and horizontal directional drilling.

The current pipeline is over 100 years old, with the oldest section installed in 1908. The new water main is being installed in advance of works by South Gippsland Shire Council to redevelop and rejuvenate Bair Street.

Property and business owners in the immediate vicinity will be consulted and kept up to date through-out construction, including any planned service disruption or impacts to their properties.

For any enquiries please contact South Gippsland Water 1300 851 636