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Unplanned Interruptions
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Tuesday, 19th March 2019Devon Nth - Tarra River
Water Supply Interruption for customers supplied water via ‘Supply Agreement’ off the untreated water pipeline between Devon Nth Water Treatment Plant and Tarra River.


  • Extraction commenced approx. 9.30am Tuesday 19th March 2019.
  • River flows have exceeded the required 3ML per day and South Gippsland Water have commenced pumping water to the Water Treatment Plant.
  • The Corporation will continue to monitor to ensure the river flow remains above 3ML per day.
  • Water provided to Water Supply Agreement customers is via the raw water trunk main to the Devon North treatment plant is untreated and not for human consumption.
  • Please note that it is likely to take the reaminder of today (19/3/19) for water to fully fill the pipeline. Customers may notice air in pipes and that river water quality is low due to the extended period of low river flows.
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