Property Connections

Each property owner is responsible for arranging and paying for the connection of their property’s water supply and sewerage (if services are available). This work must be carried out by a licenced plumber.

When connecting your property it is recommended that you obtain more than one quote. To connect to South Gippsland Water’s water or sewerage system, please fill in the relevant application form/s and submit them to South Gippsland Water (one form per allotment, unit or occupancy). Charges for connection will apply.

Property Connection Charges (see Tariffs & Prices)
Application to connect to water and sewer (see Forms Page)
Application to Disconnect from water and sewer (see Forms Page)

Connection Assembly Diagrams

South Gippsland Water has developed diagrams for typical high, medium and low risk meter installations for fire service and/or general water supply connections. Download the Connection Assembly Diagrams below:

High Risk Connection PDF (3.7MB)
Medium Risk Connection PDF (3.8MB)
Low Risk Connection PDF (4.1MB)

Other connection diagrams available are:
80mm+ Fire & General Service Combined Residential Commercial Industrial (4.8MB)
80mm+ Fire Hydrant Hose Reels with Double Check Detector Assembly (2.4MB)
Fire sprinkler and hydrant service 80mm+ meter configuration (5.7MB)
Tapping Configurations (3.5MB)

Information for Plumbers

For technical advice call the Victorian Building Association on 1300 815 127 or a design/hydraulic consultant.

We can help you with connection applications, quotes, connection standards/requirements, the issuing of plumbing consent numbers, and provide field notes of asset and connection locations.

The ‘General Installation Notes’ (below) details our tapping, property service installation, excavation and meter assembly requirements.

Property drainage plans (as constructed plans) are available for most properties in our service area connected to sewer mains.

These plans give details on the location of sewer drains within the property boundary, and are normally requested by plumbers fixing sewer blockages and for customers planning extensions/renovations.

To request information regarding water and sewer mains please complete the below form or contact us.

Request form for Property, Drain, Sewer and Watermain Information (See forms page)
New Water Connections Information (See forms page)

As Constructed Plans

In accordance with the Building Act 1993, plumbers are required to supply “as constructed” information for all sewer works carried out within the Corporation’s area, which required the issue of a PIC number within 14 days of the completion of work.
The Corporation will supply an “as constructed” form for use when the Application to Connect has been lodged and a PIC number allocated.
As Constructed Drawing Form

Pipework Locations

Before you do any excavation or digging on your property it is important to know the location of underground utilities such as water and sewer lines. South Gippsland Water is now affiliated with the ‘Dial Before You Dig’ service, who will provide information regarding the location of underground assets. Details for Dial before you Dig are; or dial 1100 for their national service.

To obtain additional details from South Gippsland Water please submit the request form below.
Request form for Property, Drain, Sewer and Watermain Information (See forms page)

Pressure and Flow

To apply for a water pressure and flow test, please download the following application form and complete and submit it to the Corporation with the relevant fee.
Application for Pressure and Flow Information (See forms page)