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Simply scan the QR code printed on your water notice or log onto sgwater.formsport.com.au, click register then follow the instructions.

Businesses Moving Premises

Moving Premises

If you are a “Tenant All Charges” in a property, ie. Paying the Tariffs and Volumetric charges, then you need to notify South Gippsland Water in writing when you are moving in or out of a property – alternatively you can complete the Tenant All Charges Form from the Forms page. We require the business/tenant’s name, contact details, business address, forwarding address for the final account and the date the property is to be vacated.

Buying or selling: Information for property/business owners

When you buy or sell a property/business connected to South Gippsland Water’s supply, notification in writing is required at settlement. This is usually arranged by your solicitor/conveyancer.

Your solicitor/convenyancer should also request a special meter reading, thus ensuring you are only billed for water used when you own the property/business.
Please ensure that we have your correct mailing address.

Notes for solicitors and conveyancers

Please submit a notice of acquisition (for the purchaser) or disposition (for the vendor).
You can request a property information statement and/or special meter reading using our Property Inquiry Application Form on the Forms page.