Bushfire & Water Supply

As fire season approaches, we are preparing our people and pipe networks to cope with extreme conditions.

However, it is important to remember South Gippsland Water cannot guarantee that water pressure or an uninterrupted water supply will be maintained in the event of a bushfire.

South Gippsland Water has:

  • Dedicated portable generators on standby, to return power quickly to fire-damaged pumping stations and water sources
  • Installation of deluge systems at our key pumping stations and treatment facilities
  • Water carters on standby to transport emergency water supplies

Despite these efforts, extreme circumstances may prevent South Gippsland Water from maintaining water pressure or an uninterrupted water supply during a bushfire. Loss of electricity may cause loss of power to our pumps, which transfer water across the region. Extreme increased demand for water from residents and the CFA during a bushfire may cause a reduction in pressure or total loss of water.

What you can do:

We recommend you consult the CFA about preparing your family and home for a bushfire. Visit the CFA website or call 1800 240 667 for more information.

You can also help by ‘adopting’ a fire hydrant near your home. It is essential that fire fighters have quick and easy access to hydrants for water during a bushfire – help keep the hydrant nearest your property clear, visible and accessible at all times by:

  • Clearing soil grass and shrubs from around the hydrant
  • Keeping vehicles clear of the hydrant
  • Reporting any visible faults, damage or missing markers to your local Council or South Gippsland Water on 1300 851 636.

Bushfire and Private Water Supplies 

South Gippsland Water keeps a close eye on water quality across the reticulated water supply systems. Water supplied by South Gippsland Water to townships via these systems is treated to Safe Drinking Water Standards and monitored on a daily basis.
Properties with a private drinking water supply are advised to also monitor their rainwater tanks and quality of private drinking water supplies in the event of a bushfire for contamination due to airborne debris and ash.
Further information on the protection of private water supplies for properties with rainwater tanks can be found at:
Environment Protection Authority
Department of Health and Human Services

Additional Information

  • CFA Website
  • Phone South Gippsland Water on 1300 851 636