Reading Your Meter

South Gippsland Water reads water meters 3 times a year, in March, July and November. Owners are responsible for ensuring the meter is accessible.

You can help the meter readers by maintaining the area around the water meter, so that it is easy to locate, and easy to read. Prune or remove overgrown plants, clear mulch or soil to ensure the meter is above ground and remove obstacles to ensure the meter is easy to locate and access. These simple actions will make the reading of meters quick and easy and help keep your accounts as accurate as possible.

South Gippsland Water uses metric water meters which read in kilolitres (a thousand litres). The meter itself should be located near where the water service pipe crosses your property boundary, together with a stop tap that turns off the supply.

How To Read Your Water Meter (fact sheet)

How to read your meter

Reading Your Meter

You can keep track of the amount of water being used by members of your household by reading your meter regularly. There is usually a cover flap over the meter face, this lifts up to reveal the counter, which has four black and three red digits, as shown below. The meter is read from left to right. The black figures measure kilolitres and the red figures litres. Where billing is concerned you only need to read the black numbers (on a white background) which measure the kilolitres. South Gippsland Water only bills for the amount of kilolitres consumed (1 kilolitre = 1000 litres). Reading your water meter regularly and keeping a simple record of your consumption can help you alter your consumption habits.

Reading Your Meter For Leak Detection

Reading your meter can also help you detect possible leaks. A simple check involves turning off all water consumption devices and taps on your property (don’t turn the tap or stopcock off at the meter) and look to see if the water meter is still recording. If it is, you may wish to consult a licensed plumber to investigate and carry out appropriate repairs.

To check for slow leaks read the meter before going to bed or before you leave the house for a number of hours (as many as possible) and then again when you wake up or return, before any water is used.
The red numbers can be read to see how much water your average shower, laundry cycle or dishwasher uses. Just make sure to turn off all other water using appliances to give you an accurate reading.

Meter Accessibility

The property owner is responsible for keeping the water meter accessible at all times for reading. This may require the trimming of trees/bushes, raising the meter above ground level or removal of debris from around the meter site.


Estimated Meter Readings

South Gippsland Water have started estimating water use for customers where we could not obtain a meter reading.  This is good news for customers. Previously when we couldn’t read your meter, we would just wait until your next account and bill you for your water use then.  Now, with estimated accounts, there is less risk of bill shock as payments are smoothed out over the year.  We will state on the front of your account if it is an Estimated Account.

We recognise that disparities can occur in estimated reads, however, we’ll help resolve it if we are wrong.  If you receive an estimated account, you can provide us with your own self-read of your water meter and we will adjust and re-issue your account, free of charge.

If you receive an estimated account and you are having difficulties paying, please visit our customer support page. Alternatively, you get in touch with our Customer Service Team for more tailored support. Call 1300 851 636 or email

For more information and FAQs see: Estimated Reads