Water Supply by Agreement

Section 124(7) of the Water Act 1989 provides that the Corporation can supply water by Agreement to a property where our Customer Code/Charter cannot be met.  A Water Supply Agreement acknowledges the arrangement between South Gippsland Water and the property owner for the supply of water. It also outlines any service constraints specific to the property, and the commitments of both the property owner and South Gippsland Water.  A copy of our Customer Charter can be found on our website on the Corporate policy and legislation page under the ‘About us’ tab.

Some of the reasons water supplied through a Water Supply Agreement may not meet the Customer Charter include:

  • the water supplied being non-drinking water (raw water); or
  • a private pipeline is used to deliver the water to the property; or
  • flow and pressure of the water supply cannot be guaranteed; or
  • the property is outside a declared Water District.

South Gippsland Water reserves the right to make case by case assessments on requests to connect to its water supply network, aiming for resolutions that reflect best outcomes for South Gippsland Water and its customers.

Water by Agreement Information Sheet

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact South Gippsland Water’s Customer Service team on 1300 851 636 or email sgwater@sgwater.com.au