Community Grants

Inverloch Community Resilience Grant

In March this year, a precautionary boil water alert was put in place for the township of Inverloch. Over a period of five days, we asked the township to boil water for drinking, cooking and food preparation. We issued the alert after a routine inspection of our drinking water tank found two birds inside the tank. Since then, we’ve checked all our treated water storages and strengthened the protections we have in place to prevent this from happening again. Following this incident, we promised a $10,000 Community Resilience Grant for Inverloch and we’re keeping our word.

If your community group can use the funds in an initiative to benefit the community, we’d love to hear from you. To share your initiative with us (and apply for the $10,000 grant), fill out the below application form by Sunday 27 November 2022.

For your initiative to be considered, it must deliver against our core grant principles of either:

  • Supporting members of the Inverloch community experiencing vulnerability including those experiencing financial or social disadvantage.


  • Capacity building or preparedness within the Inverloch community to be able to respond to current or future incidents or emergencies.

The grant is open to non-profit, Inverloch based, community groups or organisations. A once-off grant to the total value of $10,000 is available. This may be awarded as a single grant or be split amongst applicants. The total grant pool available is $10,000.

To apply, save a copy of your completed application form (below) and email to along with any other supporting documents.

Inverloch Grant Application Form

SGW Sponsorship Guidelines  – Inverloch Community Resilience Grant

Environment & Community Grant Programs

Hills 2 Ocean [H2O]  grant program is intended to encourage activities that will benefit either the quality of water within the drinking water catchment zones or environment more broadly across South Gippsland Water’s service region. For example, funds may be used for revegetation, culverts, fencing or general environmental improvement across South Gippsland Water’s service region. H2O grants are available for up to $500, subject to the conditions of application.

H2O Grant Application Form

The Help for Community Organisations [H4O] grant scheme is intended to support and strengthen communities across South Gippsland Water’s service region. As a state owned Corporation and through this grant program, South Gippsland Water supports local, not for profit and community groups improve health and water consumption, livability, strong communities and sustainable water use across the region.

Groups, who are completing a community or educational project, and can demonstrate that the project assists in either strengthening community, increasing tap water consumption or sustainable water use, are welcome to apply for a grant of up to $500.00.

H4O Grant Application Form