Water Quality

Water Quality Monitoring

South Gippsland Water keeps a close eye on water quality. Water is sampled and analysed through all stages of collection, treatment, storage and distribution to your home. On-line devices continually monitor important water quality indicators, with many being programmed to alarm and shut down treatment plants automatically if specific operating limits are breached. Trained treatment operators also monitor water quality on a daily basis to ensure on-line analysers are working correctly, and so that adjustments can be made to treatment processes as required.

In addition, samples are collected from across the water supply systems on a weekly basis and sent to an external laboratory in Melbourne for independent analysis. Results for regulated parameters (see table below) are checked by the Department of Health every month. This is to ensure we are meeting strict requirements of safe drinking water legislation.

Water Quality Testing Regime – regulated parameters:

Microbiological E.coli Weekly
Physico-chemical Turbidity Weekly
Disinfection by-products Trihalomethanes Monthly

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A water sample is taken from a customer’s meter for analysis.