South Gippsland Water’s objective is to protect the environment by conducting its operations in accordance with its Environmental Management System, policies and procedures, operating licences, and environmental legislation and regulations.

Environmental Management System

South Gippsland Water maintains ISO 14001 Accreditation. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) helps us reduce negative impacts on the environment and improve environmental performance. The system provides a methodical approach to planning, implementing and reviewing our environmental management.

Some of the key areas of the EMS include:

  • Environment Policy
  • Identifying impacts that the Corporation may be having on the environment
  • Operational and incident management procedures
  • Setting objectives and targets to improve our environmental performance
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • Continual improvement

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy is the driver for implementing the Corporation’s environmental management system so that it can maintain and improve its environmental performance. It forms the basis upon which the Corporation sets its objectives and targets, and reflects its commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements.

South Gippsland Water’s Commitments

South Gippsland Water:

  • Recognises that in addition to supporting the social and economic values that have helped make South Gippsland popular and prosperous, it must also do its part to protect the environmental interests of the area.
  • Will ensure that the extraction, storage, treatment and distribution of potable water is undertaken with due consideration for our important natural assets and that the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater is managed in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.
  • Will make all reasonable efforts to minimise the environmental impacts associated with our activities by endeavouring to operate in accordance with Best Practice protocols that will enable us to meet our environmental obligations.
  • Comply with relevant legislation, industry standards and internal commitments and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects.
  • Is committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and prevention of pollution.

The environmental policy is proudly displayed at all South Gippsland Water facilities, and is underpinned by an environmental management system which provides the foundation for the management of our environmental aspects.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy