100% Melbourne Water Supply Being Used to Combat Algae

Monday, November 12th, 2018

Many of our dams and reservoirs are seasonally affected by the growth of algae which thrives in warm, dry conditions and when water in the catchment has high nutrient levels. Algae cause problems in water supplies due to the taste and smell that algae produce. Algae can give off a musty and muddy taste and odour. As a result, when algae are present in reservoirs, South Gippsland Water activates increased monitoring and treatment processes to remove it.

Over the last week the Lance Creek Reservoir experienced an outbreak of algae that is currently affecting the reservoir. As a result, South Gippsland Water has switched over to using water from the Melbourne Supply System and is currently sourcing 100% of water for Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Cape Paterson customers from the Cardinia Reservoir.

The water being used from the Melbourne Supply System is sourced from the Cardinia Reservoir and is the same water that residents in the South East suburbs of Melbourne receive.

There are many varieties of algae and any algae bloom that occurs within a water supply system is managed to ensure water supplied to customers is safe to drink.

Managing Director South Gipppsland Water, Philippe du Plessis, said today, “Customers should rest assured South Gippsland Water will continue to monitor the reservoir and when safe to do so, will switch back to using the Lance Creek Reservoir water.”

Mr du Plessis reinforced that, “Over the coming summer months, South Gippsland Water will utilise its entitlement to water from the Melbourne Supply System as and when needed for such algae occurrences and to improve the water taste and smell for our customers”.

In closing, “Customers should rest assured that whilst the water source may change, water supplied remains safe to drink at all times”.

Any customers who have questions or concerns regarding their water supply can contact South Gippsland Water’s friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 851 636.