$10,000 Community Resilience Grant for Inverloch – Now Open!

Monday, November 7th, 2022

In March 2022 South Gippsland Water issued a precautionary Boil Water Alert for Inverloch. This meant that for a period of 5 days, customers needed to boil their water before drinking and using water in food preparation.

We issued the alert after a routine inspection of our drinking water tank found two birds inside. Since then, we’ve checked all our treated water storages and strengthened the protections we have in place to prevent this from happening again.

Following this incident, we promised a once-off $10,000 Community Resilience Grant for Inverloch and we’re keeping our word.

Managing Director of South Gippsland Water, Robert Murphy said, “As part of our review following this incident, we felt strongly that a grant that supports the community or builds capacity to face future incidents or emergencies was something we could do for the township of Inverloch”.

Mr Murphy continued, “It is envisioned that this grant may help our customers who are struggling or improve the wider community’s ability to cope when something goes wrong. In June we held a customer workshop in Inverloch, where the core principles of the grant were discussed and agreed”.

The Community Resilience Grant is designed to:

  • Support members of the Inverloch community experiencing vulnerability including those experiencing financial or social disadvantage.


  • Provide capacity building or preparedness within the Inverloch community to be able to respond to current or future incidents or emergencies.

The grant is open to non-profit, Inverloch based, community groups or organisations. It will be a once-off grant to the total value of $10,000.

Applications are open now, and close Sunday 27 November 2022. To apply visit www.sgwater.com.au and complete the application form.

South Gippsland Water and its Community Advisory Committee will review applications and award the grant.  Local Inverloch community groups are encouraged to apply.

Visit https://www.sgwater.com.au/learning-centre/community-programs/community-grants/ for more information and to find a copy of the application form.  Alternately contact media@sgwater.com.au for more information.


Inverloch Grant Application Form

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