Alberton Sewerage Scheme: Progress Update

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Managing Director South Gippsland Water, Philippe du Plessis said today, “South Gippsland Water continues to be pleased with the progress the community of Alberton have made with connections to the new Alberton Sewer System. To date 11 properties of the 80 dwellings within the scheme have connected to sewer. This is exceptional progress given a busy December and holiday period”.

Mr du Plessis went onto say, “More than 20 property owners have paid or entered into a repayment plan, with the majority so far, electing to pay in full. However, the Sewer Scheme Contributions are not due until 31st January 2015, so to receive this type of response prior to the due date is very pleasing”.

Customers who have not yet paid or are wishing to set up a repayment plan are encouraged to contact the South Gippsland Water Customer Service Team on 1300 851 636 for a confidential discussion of their options. The Customer Service Team can set up a repayment plan to suit the individual. Customers are encouraged to call sooner rather than later as Service Accounts for all customers across the region will be due, so the phone lines are expected to be busy at this time.

The Corporation would also like to take this opportunity to remind customers that they must ensure that they do not access any part of the sewer infrastructure, including the pump unit or control panel. Access is by authorised personnel only. Not only is there live electricity, but sewer systems can also generate dangerous gasses. South Gippsland Water remains responsible for all on-going maintenance of the system.

Should your system not operate correctly, do not access the pump unit or control panel, simply call South Gippsland Water’s 24 hour a day, 7 day a week phone number 1300 851 636 or 5662 0444 to report the fault. South Gippsland Water’s Maintenance Team will attend to the problem.