Annual South Gippsland Water customer survey gets underway

Monday, September 12th, 2022

South Gippsland Water is asking its customers to share their feedback as part of its annual customer satisfaction survey, to be conducted over the next six weeks.

A random sample of customers will receive a phone call and be asked to complete a 10-minute survey to share their thoughts on South Gippsland Water’s services.

A further sample will be contacted via email with an opportunity to complete an online version.

Australian-based contractors Insync and TKW Research will conduct this year’s survey on behalf of South Gippsland Water and six other Victorian water corporations to save costs.

TKW Research will clearly identify themselves and will not being selling any product or service.

South Gippsland Water uses the survey results to shape its plans and services, as well as measure and improve its performance.

Data Privacy:

We also recognise that your data and privacy is important.  Any information you give will remain confidential. TKW and Insync have only been provided with names and contact numbers or email addresses for the purpose of conducting this research only.

Any identifying information, such as your phone number, is removed before results are analysed.  At the conclusion of the research program, TKW and Insync will destroy any contact lists provided to them. At no point will this survey process ask for account or billing information and will not be selling any product or service.