Boil Water Advisory for Fish Creek – LIFTED

Thursday, January 1st, 1970

South Gippsland Water has rescinded the Boil Water Advisory for Fish Creek after receiving all clear from our water monitoring.

Fish Creek residents no longer need to boil their tap water, but we’d encourage you to run your household and garden taps for a few minutes to help clean the lines.

On Thursday 4 July, a contractor damaged a water main in Fish Creek near Old Waratah Road.

The break resulted in many Fish Creek residents being without water or experiencing low water pressure for around three hours from 3pm when the incident occurred on Thursday 4 July 2024.

Our crews immediately attended the scene to replace the damaged water main section.

As a precaution, we declared a Boil Water Advisory for the town.

To assist Fish Creek residents and businesses, we set up a water trailer offering free drinking water opposite Fish Creek Primary School.

We’ll remove the trailer later today now the Advisory has been lifted.

Acting Managing Director Liz Rowland thanked the Fish Creek community for their patience during the incident.

“Thanks to your help, we were able to get the message out there pretty quickly,” she said.

“While we do what we can to keep our communities informed, like sending SMS messages, emails, conducting a door knock and updating our website and social media, word-of-mouth between neighbours, friends and family is still extraordinarily helpful in an incident like this.”

“We really appreciate the Fish Creek community for working with us to resolve this main break as soon as possible.”