By Law Updates

Monday, March 14th, 2022



South Gippsland Water Region Water Corporation [South Gippsland Water]


Water Restriction By-law 8


South Gippsland Water revokes Water Restriction By-law 7


In accordance with section 287ZC of the Water Act, South Gippsland Water hereby gives notice that it has made a by-law, titled Water Restriction By-law 8, pursuant to sections 171 and 160 of the Water Act 1989.


Water Restriction By-law Number 8 is made using a Model Water Restriction By-law issued by the Minister for Water on 4 March 2022. The Water Restriction By-law 8 is made in relation to restrictions and prohibitions on the use of water that may be imposed in the Water Supply Districts of South Gippsland Water.


The purpose of the by-law is to:

  1. promote the efficient use and conservation of water; and
  2. set out four stages of restrictions on the use of water; and
  3. specify things which must not be done while each stage of restriction persists; and
  4. specify principles for considering applications for exemptions from particular restrictions; and
  5. prescribe offences and penalties for the contravention of the By-law, including for which an infringement notice may be served; and
  6. prescribe classes of persons for the purpose of issuing infringement notices.


A copy of the By-law is available for inspection by: