Catchments Start To Run

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Rainfall recorded at South Gippsland Water’s storages from the 31st May to 6th June 2014 was 24mm at Lance Creek, 19mm at Ruby Creek, 19mm at Coalition Creek, 16mm at Deep Creek, 19mm at Little Bass and 13mm at Battery Creek.

Philippe du Plessis, Managing Director South Gippsland Water said today, “Recent rain across all catchments has led to storages starting to replenish for the first time this year. The systems of most concern, Coalition and Little Bass have had storage level increases of 13ML and 9ML respectively.

Both these water supply systems remain at Stage 1 restriction levels. However, activating Stage 1 restrictions would have little to no impact on water demand, as they relate mostly to outdoor watering activities”.

All customers are reminded that Permanent Water Saving Rules are in force for all water supply systems.
The Permanent Water Saving Rules include;

–  All hand held garden hoses to be leak free and fitted with trigger nozzles.
–  Only clean paved areas with water if it is required and there is a health or safety

hazard, or if staining has occurred and then only once a year.

–  Fountains and water features can be used only if they recirculate water.
–  Water gardens and lawns with sprinkler systems between 6pm and 10am (during

the cool). Hand held hoses and buckets can used at any time.



Major towns supplied

Capacity level %


Lance Creek

Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Cape Paterson


Permanent Water Saving Measures

Ruby Creek

Leongatha & surrounds


Permanent Water Saving Measures

Coalition Creek

Korumburra and surrounds


Permanent Water Saving Measures

Foster Dam – Deep Creek

Foster area


Permanent Water Saving Measures

Little Bass

Poowong, Nyora & Loch


Permanent Water Saving Measures

Battery Creek

Fish Creek


Permanent Water Saving Measures

River Systems

Major Town Supplied

Current Status


Meeniyan, Dumbalk

Permanent Water Saving Measures


Welshpool, Port Welshpool, Toora, Port Franklin

Permanent Water Saving Measures


Yarram, Alberton, Port Albert

Permanent Water Saving Measures