Choose Tap this summer

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

The South Coast Water Partnership is banding together again this summer to promote tap water as our regions’ drink of choice.

The summer campaign will run over the months of December to March on each of the South Coast Water Partnerships’ social media accounts.

The South Coast Water Partnership consist of; South Gippsland Water, Westernport Water, Bass Coast Shire Council, South Gippsland Shire Council and GippSport. The Partnership is excited to welcome The South Coast Prevention Team and Gippsland Region Public Health Unit.

The South Coast Water Partnership brings together partners from across various sectors to support our community to improve their health and the environment by drinking tap water.

The unique collaboration aims to make tap water the first drink of choice in Bass Coast and South Gippsland by supporting the national Choose Tap campaign. Local tap water is clean, safe and full of essential minerals that keep us performing at our best. Choosing to drink tap water out of a refillable drink bottle is a step towards cleaner, greener communities and waterways that are free from single use plastic.

Choose Tap is a national initiative promoting the three main benefits of drinking tap water: it’s better for your health, the environment and your hip pocket.

Quotes attributed South Coast Water Partnership spokesperson Janika Murray

“By joining forces and combining resources, we are able to achieve more with less and make sure our messages are aligned. There are so many good reasons to encourage people to drink tap water and the Choose Tap national campaign sums them up well.”

“While it’s important to stay hydrated all year around, the heat that comes with summer makes drinking enough water especially important to our health and wellbeing.”

“Choosing Tap and reducing the amount of plastic water bottles we buy, isn’t just beneficial for our health, but also for our environment and coastline.”

“Current Australian dietary guidelines recommend drinking “plenty” of water every day. The amount of water you need is dependent on individual factors including what you eat, where you live and the amount of exercise you’re doing”.

To get in touch with the partnership, please call South Coast Primary and Community Partnership on 0409 915 408.


Media enquiries to Miranda Schooneveldt on 0429 218 303 or email