Cleansing of the Tarra Water Supply System

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

South Gippsland Water are preparing to cleanse the Tarra River Water Supply System. In November, routine maintenance will be completed to cleanse pipes and water throughout the water supply network. As part of this program, we will also change the way water is disinfected, from chloramination to chlorination. Changing the disinfection process helps remove and clean any build-up of treatment or disinfection by-products from the water supply system and pipe network.

To achieve this, operations staff will use up and lower the water levels of treated water storages at the water treatment plant and water towers. Then, they will start treating and supplying chlorinated water only. To help pull the new, freshly chlorinated water through the water pipe network, and clean out pipes, staff may be seen flushing water from key locations during the initial changeover.

Because the cleansing process changes the water treatment process, during the change, customers may notice that the taste or smell of water is different. Water remains perfectly safe to drink during the process, as water is always treated to meet national standards. The water supplied will continue to be clarified, filtered, and disinfected, the change being that the disinfection process used will change from chloramination (chlorine and ammonia) to chlorination (chlorine only) disinfection.

South Gippsland Water Managing Director, Philippe du Plessis said that, “We are committed to providing our customers and communities with high quality, safe, clean water. This cleansing process will not only help ensure water supplied to customers of Devon North, Yarram, Alberton, and Port Albert is of high quality, but will also allow our staff to trial the changed disinfection process. If this changed process has benefits to customers and the operation and treatment of the water, staff may look to make this change permanent in the new year”.

The process to cleanse the Tarra River Water Supply System will commence on 10th November and it is anticipated to take three to four days to fully flush the new fresh water through the system. Any customers with queries are encouraged to call 1300 851 636 and speak to our friendly Customer Service Team.

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