Construction of Alberton Sewerage Scheme Imminent

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Construction of the Alberton Sewerage Scheme will be underway shortly with Staff and Contractors on-site in the township since the New Year and construction contractors preparing to break ground any day.

South Gippsland Water Managing Director, Philippe du Plessis said, “The Corporation is pleased to be able to announce that construction works are imminent for the Alberton Sewerage Scheme. To mark this milestone and to continue to allow residents and landowners of the township to have any of their questions answered, the Corporation is holding a free Sausage Sizzle and Information Session on Tuesday January 21st at the Alberton Tennis Courts, between 5-7pm. It is in part a celebration that we are now moving into this construction phase and in part an information session. It’s a great opportunity to meet the South Gippsland Water staff members who will be in Alberton over the coming months as construction contractors are working on the scheme”.

Alberton Sewerage Scheme Sausage Sizzle:
When: Tuesday 21st Jan 5-7pm
Where: Alberton Tennis Courts – South Gippsland Highway, Alberton
The Yarram Lions Club will be cooking up some tasty treats, including FREE burgers, snags and cold drinks on hand.
Come celebrate this milestone and meet the South Gippsland Water team.

As well as the sausage sizzle being a great opportunity to meet the South Gippsland Water team, it is also important that homeowners confirm their preferred location of the pump unit for their property. The location of the pump unit can impact the costs to landowners for rearranging plumbing into the unit and connection of power and control panel installation. Choosing the optimal location of the unit could save you money. Property owner costs for connection to the scheme vary dependent on individual property plumbing and electrical board location and conditions.

Come to the information session to discuss pump unit location or call the Corporation directly on 5682 0444 to make an appointment to have our project officers visit you.

The Alberton Sewerage scheme is a community initiated project that progressed through majority acceptance gained through a voting process;

  • Respondents 79% in favour
  • Based on titles 67% in favour

South Gippsland Water has worked with the State Government to reduce the cost impact of the Alberton Sewerage Scheme through free access to the existing Tarraville Waste Water Treatment Plant and a $1M State Government grant.

South Gippsland Water recognises that there will be some in the community who will find it difficult to cover the additional expense of connecting to and paying for the Scheme, assistance programs include;

  • Up to twenty year payment plans,
  • Concessional tariffs,
  • A range of payment options
  • A Hardship Relief Grant available through the department of Human Services.

South Gippsland Water has and will continue to be proactive in encouraging community members to discuss their payment options and to assist with any customer who may experience financial hardship.

South Gippsland Water’s cost estimates for the scheme contribution is $10,000 per developed title allotment $5,000 per vacant title allotment. As the Corporation is yet to let all tenders for the supply
and construction of the Scheme, the total cost cannot yet be verified, however, the amount cannot vary more than 20% either side of the quoted figure.

Scheme Contributions will not be due and payable until construction is finalised and the system is operational, this is anticipated to occur in the second half of 2014. At that time landowners can either enter into a repayment agreement with South Gippsland Water or pay their contribution.

Scheme contributions are calculated on a per title basis. Landowners within Alberton may consolidate titles to minimise their scheme contribution amount. However, the consolidation process must be underway prior to the 30th April 2014. Proof of documentation lodged with council may be requested if the consolidation process has not yet been finalised by this date.

South Gippsland Water encourages residents and landowners to contact South Gippsland Water directly (1300 851 636) to discuss the scheme and any questions they may have. Alternately information is available for download on the South Gippsland Water website under the ‘wastewater’ tab.