Delayed price increase to now apply

Friday, January 8th, 2021

During 2018/19 South Gippsland Water developed our price, service, future plan for submission to the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The plan documents the services we deliver and prices we charge.

A little over a year ago we advised you that the ESC had approved our plan for the next three years, including a modest 5 per cent price increase for our services from 1 July 2020.

As part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) response to help our customers we delayed implementation of the increase until 1 November 2020, to be implemented in January 2021 accounts.

South Gippsland Water bills three times a year. So, for the average customer, this modest increase means each four-monthly bill will rise by about $16.50 from the January 2021 accounts. For the average tenant customer, the four-monthly bill will rise by about $6 from the January 2021 accounts.

South Gippsland Water has one of the lowest average residential tariffs in the state, and for its size, nationally.

South Gippsland Water Managing Director Philippe du Plessis said while a substantial consultation process had taken place prior to coronavirus (COVID-19), South Gippsland Water understands 2020 was a difficult year for many of our customers and that some may be experiencing hardship. That’s why we’ve put in place additional programs for any of our customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

“We have worked with our communities on this three-year plan to find a balance that was fair for everyone and provided for investment in our region’s infrastructure needs.”

“We are not funded by government grants. We use the tariffs customers pay to deliver quality, sustainable water and wastewater services to our customers.”

“Like most water providers, we have ongoing maintenance costs as well as the need to renew ageing infrastructure. Our region is growing. We need to invest in infrastructure to support that growth.”

It costs millions of dollars annually to run the extensive water and wastewater services network across the broad South Gippsland region. We have forecast a total operating expenditure of $62 million for the period 2020-21 to 2022-23.

We’re currently supporting businesses across our region. We can help our customers with account payment including extended payment periods and a dedicated support program.

You can apply for a reduced water and wastewater account if you hold an eligible concession card. We can also help through government funded programs such as the Utility Relief Grant Scheme. We offer other support including independent financial counselling.

If you have trouble paying your account, we have a range of options to assist you. Simply call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 851 636. They’re happy to help.

For full details on the new prices, please visit our website at