Discoloured water, Fish Creek

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

South Gippsland Water has been flushing the Fish Creek system and initial results are promising – both the school and the pub have clean water.

Fish Creek residents experiencing discoloured water are advised not to drink it or do laundry as a precaution.

South Gippsland Water will be supplying free, clean water to residents from a trailer at the Fish Creek Hotel. The water trailer is expected to arrive by 12pm at the latest.


At 8.00 am South Gippsland Water crews were alerted to discoloured water coming from testing at Fish Creek’s water storages.

The discolouration is due to sediments from scouring of the trunk main.

South Gippsland Water operators immediately started to flush the system.

A water tanker is on the way to provide clean water to residents while the situation resolves.