Dumbalk Raw Water Pump Station Upgrade

Friday, September 17th, 2021

South Gippsland Water is excited to announce that Dumbalk Raw Water Pump Station recently received a $195,000 upgrade to its pipes and systems.

​​​​Renewal of the pump station was a high priority to keep the system working and to address several safety risks. South Gippsland Water contracted Warragul based contractor, QSW, to engage the works.

South Gippsland Water Project Engineer, Thomas Shaw, said that the old shed, pumps and pipework needed replacing in line with South Gippsland Water’s ongoing commitment to continue to deliver quality, sustainable water and wastewater services.

“To reduce environmental risks, the old shed was craned off in one piece. This reduced the likelihood of debris entering the river and removed the need for workers to be working at height over a body of water,” he said.

“To allow the removal and installation of the pumps – access hatches had been pre-installed in the new shed’s roof. These access hatches can be opened and closed from inside the shed. Several safety upgrades were also addressed as part of the works.”