Future Use of the Reservoirs for Poowong and Korumburra

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Planning for the next and final stage of the Lance Creek Water Connection has begun – looking at options to recycle the reservoirs. As the Lance Creek Water Connection, progresses South Gippsland Water are now looking to the community to assist in determining the future use of the reservoirs that currently supply water to Korrumburra, Poowong, Loch and Nyora.

Once completed the Lance Creek Water Connection project will ensure a continued secure water supply to the townships through the connection to the Corporation’s largest reservoir, Lance Creek and the ability to utilise the Melbourne Supply System. Four existing reservoirs located across the area will no longer be required by South Gippsland Water and the Corporation are looking to the community to help determine future uses.

The four reservoirs vary in location and size.

Korumburra’s water is currently supplied by:

  • Belleview Creek Reservoir, rural location and 359 mega litres
  • Coalition Creek Reservoir, adjacent to the Korumburra Golf Club and 143 mega litres
  • Ness Gully Reservoir, rural location and 73.5 mega litres

Poowong is supplied by the Little Bass Reservoir which is adjacent to Soldiers Road, Poowong and 226 mega litres.

Managing a reservoir comes with a range of regulations and complexities, Subject to stringent Dam Safety requirements, there are three potential outcomes for each reservoir. To remain in their current state, to operate at lower levels with reduced or no safety requirements or for the dam wall to be removed and the water course returned to its original state.

South Gippsland Water Managing Director Philippe du Plessis commented today, “In partnership with the community and stakeholders, this project is an exciting opportunity to develop possible future uses for the reservoirs, catchment areas and water allocations for the benefit of the local region”.

Over the coming weeks South Gippsland Water will be establishing a community and stakeholder reference group. The objective of the group is to further understand the complexities of potential future uses, and seek guidance as to the repurposing of the local reservoirs as a community and/or regional asset. It is envisaged this process will run to June 2019.

Mr du Plessis continued, saying that, “The Lance Creek Water Connection and the additional water within these reservoirs provide water security, and a platform for regional enhancement and growth, as well as economic development across the region. This engagement process on the future use of the four reservoirs will ensure community expectations are met for the long term use of these important assets”.

The Corporation are committed to keeping all interested persons up to date on the process and outcomes. Persons who are interested in participating in the project are encouraged to contact Ros Griggs on 5682 0422 to register your details.