Good News for the Alberton Sewerage Scheme

Monday, September 15th, 2014

  • Construction to recommence in September
  • Electrical connections are now to be funded by South Gippsland Water

Later this month South Gippsland Water will take delivery of the final components required to complete construction of the Alberton Sewerage Scheme, the new state of the art electrical control panels. Installation of the units will commence from the 23rd of September 2014, with all units to be installed by early November.

Philippe du Plessis, Managing Director, South Gippsland Water said, “This important community initiated project is now entering its final stages, with sewerage set to provide benefits to the community as a whole through improved public and environmental health for the township of Alberton”.

South Gippsland Water has awaited the delivery of the electrical control panels for some months, after their delivery was delayed from June to September. Now the new units have arrived, the system is expected to be “connection ready” by early November 2014. Property Owners are encouraged to start planning to receive their invoices for their Sewerage Scheme Contribution fees (late October) and preparing for connection into the new system (from November).

Electrical connections are now to be funded by South Gippsland Water

Mr du Plessis went onto say that, “More good news for the community is that, due to community feedback South Gippsland Water will assist customers and complete the electrical connections for the Alberton Sewerage Scheme. Customers will no longer be required to hire an electrician to connect the electrical control panel for the pump unit to the household electrical switchboard”.

Mr du Plessis reiterated that “This represents a significant change to previous communications, but will help reduce the costs and worry of connecting for customers. South Gippsland Water will also waive the standard $201 Plumbing Application Fee for Alberton customers, to further assist customers to connect”.   South Gippsland Water will now complete the electrical connection work as part of the Scheme Contribution costs.

This week customers are being mailed a Community Update with further details regarding timelines for construction and connection. In the coming weeks South Gippsland Water will be finalising the Sewerage Scheme Contributions and providing customers with notification of these amounts.

Any customers who have questions or concerns regarding the Alberton Sewerage Scheme are encouraged to contact 1300 851 636.