Industrial discharge impacting treatment plant

Friday, February 12th, 2021

Bena residents may notice an increased number of trucks in the outskirts of town over the next few weeks.

An unusual waste discharge has impacted operations at the Korumburra Wastewater Treatment Plant. For about three weeks the plant has been periodically receiving a high level of unusual wastewater, on some days, this has been more than double our normal level.

This has forced South Gippsland Water to put in place alternative arrangements for some of the town’s wastewater, as we work hard to return the plant to its normal operations.

Wastewater treatment is largely completed by micro bugs in the effluent. Changes in the quality of waste can seriously impact the natural balance of the treatment process.

The unusual waste discharge has caused this to occur at Korumburra.

From today, we will commence safely, and securely, removing some wastewater to other sites for treatment, so we can better aerate the wastewater at Korumburra and increase the number of healthy micro bugs in the plant.

Due to the ongoing nature of the unusual discharge, we have discharged wastewater outside of normal environmental limits. Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority were immediately informed.

Our staff are continuing to monitor Foster Creek’s water quality on a regular basis. We advise caution if taking water for stock and domestic purposes from Foster Creek. Monitor your stock or seek alternative arrangements if available.

There may also be a smell around Korumburra and Bena depending on wind direction, but this should dissipate.

South Gippsland Water staff are continuing to liaise with our commercial customers within Korumburra to seek their help in a temporary reduction of their wastewater.

All of our customers are reminded to be very wary of what they put down the drain.

Contact our customer service team on 1300 851 636 for all enquiries with respect to the wastewater treatment process or further information on what can be put down the system.