Join us and be a Refiller

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Join us and be a Refiller

South Gippsland Water, in association with Choose Tap, are calling out to businesses across the region to join us and become a Refiller.

Recent fires across Victoria have resulted in many local communities, who don’t have reticulated water, experiencing smoke tainted water. As a result, people who don’t usually purchase bottled water are turning to this option in order to have access to safe clean drinking water.

South Gippsland Water treats water to safe drinking water standards and the reticulated supply is not affected by recent poor air quality. The Corporation has nominated our main sites at Foster and Leongatha as locations to provide access to the reticulated water supply for the community to refill containers. It is our hope that many other businesses and community spaces will join us too.

Larger outdoor sites, such as South Gippsland Water’s are able to fill containers up to 20 litres. It is hoped that other businesses will lend their taps to assist with filling drinking bottles and smaller domestic sized containers in support of our local communities.

South Gippsland Water has been an active member of the Choose Tap coalition for many years now. This “be a refiller” campaign is supported by Choose Tap who are registering participating sites on their national “refiller-map”. Registered businesses will receive a window sticker to identify they are a Refiller. Community members can visit to find locations, including South Gippsland Water’s registered locations.

Being a Refiller organisation comes with a range of benefits at a small cost of less than 2 cents for every 10 litres filled. Some of the benefits are:

  • Promotes your business as being community minded
  • Builds a reputation for helping the environment and sustainability
  • Benefits from local advertising and social media campaigns
  • Supported by the Choose Tap coalition, you will be proud to be part of this national movement

For further information on the Be a Refiller program or to join South Gippsland Water in this community initiative, contact the Corporation’s Communications Team on 1300 851 636 or visit

Photo: Antoinette Moar of Toora North filling up her water bottle at South Gippsland Water