Managing our storages at Tarraville

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Did you know that 100% of treated wastewater in Tarraville is recycled for agricultural irrigation?

It’s part of South Gippsland Water’s commitment to making better use of our region’s resources.

However, above average rainfall in October and November this year has delayed the start of this year’s irrigation season.

We’ve also had well-above average wet years over the past two years, meaning we need to find another way manage the winter storage lagoon level at Tarraville Wastewater Treatment Plant now.

Managing Director Robert Murphy said South Gippsland Water had carefully monitored both the quality of the lagoon’s water and the health of the Tarra River.

“We’ve reached a point where we will need to do a controlled wet weather discharge into the Tarra River,” he said.

“This discharge is fully-treated, recycled water so poses little risk to the river’s health.”

“In fact, monitoring has shown the pathogen level of our treated water is lower than that already in the Tarra River. “

The EPA has been notified of this discharge. During its duration, weekly sampling will be undertaken to ensure the recycled water and the river’s health remain consistent.