Minor Sewer Spill

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Service Alert:

Minor Sewer Spill: Blockage of tree roots – Cashin Street, Inverloch

The incident was reported to South Gippsland Water at 11.19am 7/12/15 with maintenance staff in attendance on site from 11.25am to 1.10pm.

The blockage was caused by tree roots invading a sewer main and the blockage was cleared at 12.15pm.

It is estimated that approximately 55L of effluent has spilled from sewer main into storm water drain. The storm water drain has been flushed for 40 minutes with potable water. This storm water drain connects to Ayr Creek, Inverloch.

Maintenance staff have monitored downstream manholes for any further blockages throughout the remainder of the day.

Service Interruption: No sewer service disruption to customers experienced.