New Water About To Flow To Korumburra Residents

Monday, November 12th, 2018

Over recent months, testing of water flow along the Lance Creek Water Connection pipeline has proven successful. Now with pump station infrastructure and water quality and blending in order, the change-over in water supply for Korumburra residents will begin on the evening of Tuesday 20 November.

Philippe du Plessis, Managing Director for South Gippsland Water said, “During the test phase, different blends and quantities of water from the Lance Creek Water Treatment Plant were delivered directly into the reservoir at Korumburra.”

“Beginning on the 20 November, fully treated water from the Lance Creek Water Treatment Plant will be delivered to storage tanks at Korumburra, if needed, top-up treatment can occur prior to it entering the Korumburra reticulated supply system.”

It will take a number of days for the water reaching the taps of Korumburra to be 100% Lance Creek Water Connection water due to the amount of residual water in the supply system.

Mr du Plessis reminds Korumburra customers that this new water supply will be chloraminated and fluoridated to ensure customers are supplied with drinking water that meets world-class standards and Department of Health regulations.

“The water source and treatment process are new for Korumburra and some customers may notice a slight change in the water’s taste and smell compared to what they’ve been used to.”

Fluoridation of water supply is a requirement of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services for dental and overall health purposes and is regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003. Chloramination is one of the most commonly used treatment agents in the processing of safe drinking water.”

Chloramine is not harmful to land animals or house plants, however, certain levels may be harmful to aquarium fish. It is important for aquarium and fish tank owners to treat tap water to remove chloramines before adding it to an aquarium or pond.

“We understand that customers may require further information about this new water supply, and our customer service staff are readily available on 1300 851 636,” added Mr du Plessis.

Connection to the Lance Creek Supply System will not only ensure that water security replaces water restrictions for Korumburra, Poowong, Loch and Nyora, it will provide a dependable environment for community development, economic growth and future investment within the region.

“Work continues on the Poowong, Loch and Nyora section of the system and we look forward to the commissioning of this new water supply for them in the coming months.”

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