Permanent Water Saving Rules In Force Across Region

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Rainfall recorded at South Gippsland Water’s storages from the 22nd February to 28th February 2014 was Lance Creek 2mm, Ruby Creek 4mm and Coalition Creek 2mm.

Joan Liley, Chair of South Gippsland Water said today, “The region continues to experience dry weather with minimal rainfall recorded. South Gippsland Water continues, as a precautionary measure, to supplement the Coalition Creek Water Supply System with water from the Tarwin River”.

All customers are reminded that Permanent Water Saving Rules are in force for all water supply systems.

The Permanent Water Saving Rules include;
– All hand held garden hoses to be leak free and fitted with trigger nozzles.
– Only clean paved areas with water if it is required and there is a health or safety hazard, or if staining has occurred and then only once a year.
– Fountains and water features can be used only if they recirculate water.
– Water gardens and lawns with sprinkler systems between 6pm and 10am (during the cool).
– Hand held hoses and buckets can used at any time.

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