Preparing For The Next 25 Years

Monday, March 18th, 2019

South Gippsland Water is looking to the future when it comes to business operations, customer service and workplace suitability; a focus on best serving customers, community and the corporation over the coming 25 years. South Gippsland Water’s current accommodation is a legacy of the amalgamation of a number of smaller authorities in 1995 and, as such, is dispersed across multiple sites throughout the region.

South Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Philippe du Plessis said, “Over the years, these facilities have been built upon and modified to meet the changing and growing needs of the business.”

“The result is that we operate out of many work spaces and depots that are ageing and are not ideal for new technologies, efficient work practices, workplace safety, and the requirements of a modern-day, flexible workforce. It has been clear in recent years that South Gippsland Water depots and offices are in need of major repair and reconfiguration.”

“It’s important for us to carefully investigate options when it comes to space, location, building standards, health and safety regulations, logistics, and productivity,” highlighted Mr du Plessis. “We want to ensure that any change generates efficiencies and considers the impact on local communities that bring best value and service to our customers and stakeholders.”

The Corporation has been reviewing its required workplace practices and infrastructure in order to establish the best business outcomes to serve the region’s townships over the long-term and is committed to ensuring any recommendations under consideration are based on sound data, cost/benefit analysis and future regional growth trends.

It is anticipated that the studies will provide direction toward the preferred set up and locality for the Corporation’s office and depots. Reports are due for completion in the coming weeks.

Mr du Plessis concluded; “Similar to planning long-term infrastructure requirements for our water and waste water services, the corporation is looking to the next 25 years and beyond for our business practices. Careful consideration of all elements of this project will be taken into account, and we will keep customers, communities and stakeholders informed as the project progresses via our usual channels.”