Recycling our PVC pipes

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

As an organisation we want to do better and continuously look at how we can reduce our impact on the environment. PVC plastics are used by us across our water and sewer networks. Historically we have disposed pipe which had reached the end of its service life in landfill.

The Plastic Industry Pipe Association (PIPA) has been working with its members, including Iplex and Vinidex, to increase recycling rates of PVC plastics through their recycling program, which we are now contributing to, disposing our old pipes so they can be recycled. This involves us transporting used pipes to Melbourne facilities after cutting them up to smaller sizes. Although there is minimal amount of PVC pipes and fittings that goes to landfill due to their long life, we are committed to playing a role in diverting PVC pipe to landfill. These pipes are being recycled and made into new PVC pipes, contributing to our circular economy.

PVC plastic pipes have a service life of approximately 100 years and can be recycled six times – meaning we can increase the lifespan to 600 years.

For further information and resources, visit:…/9014ac3…/files/pipa.pdf…/pvc-recycling/