Sewerage Goes Solar

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

This month South Gippsland Water will switch on solar panels at its Sewer Pump Station at Lohr Avenue, Inverloch.  This will mark the completion of the Corporation’s first and importantly a significant step forward in meeting the Corporations carbon pledge.

South Gippsland Water is committed to greenhouse gas emissions reduction and in 2017 pledged a reduction of 15% by 1 July 2025 whilst working towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050, as per the Victorian Government’s water plan, Water for Victoria.

Managing Director Philippe du Plessis said that, “Works will be completed this month on a 75.6 kW behind the meter solar installation at our Lohr Avenue Sewer Pump Station. This is to help meet carbon emission reductions targets as well as making our sites greener and financially more viable into the future”.

The 75.6 kW system was installed by solar contractor, Australian Wind and Solar, and will help produce 87% of the sites energy needs from a renewable source of energy saving 96,707 kg of harmful carbon dioxide gases per year.

The installation can be seen from Toorak Road, Inverloch and comprises some 278 solar panels and 3 inverters. Mr du Plessis stated that, “Our pledge of a 15% emissions reduction by 2025 will be achieved in the main, through installing over 1 Megawatt of behind the meter solar systems and the purchase of green power including;

  • 684kW solar system at Lance Creek Water Treatment Plant
  • 180kW solar system at Leongatha Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • 144kW solar system at Korumburra Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • 50kW solar system at Inverloch Wastewater Treatment Plant”

South Gippsland Water is committed to greenhouse gas emissions reduction to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. The longer-term strategy may include a combination of the following:

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduce or avoid energy use for new projects
  • Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) – participation in industry-scale renewable projects
  • Community energy projects
  • Purchasing accredited offsets and GreenPower
  • Other options that become available as the Australian energy market evolves.

It is estimated that without action total corporate emissions would increase by some 45% by the year 2050.  South Gippsland Water’s action in this space will assist the Victorian Water Sector in achieving the target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Pictured: Solar Panels being installed at the Lohr Avenue Sewer Pump Station.

A view of the panels from Toorak Rd, Inverloch

Lohr Ave Solar Panels

6 banks of panels make up the 75.6 kW system

Lohr Ave Solar Panels

A contractor pointing out progress to South Gippsland Water’s  Justine Tile, Project Engineer.

Lohr Ave Solar