South Gippsland Water pays a visit to Kongwak Primary School

Friday, December 8th, 2023

Kongwak Primary School received South Gippsland Water’s 2022 National Water Week $500 School Prize.


A year later, the culmination of this achievement unfolded on Monday, December 4, as South Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Robert Murphy and Communications Officer, Janika Murray, attended the school’s weekly assembly to witness the impact of the awarded funds.


The prize contributed towards a plaque for Kongwak Primary School’s “iilk” path—a beautiful trail adorned with native vegetation.


Robert Murphy expressed enthusiasm for the success of their project. The “iilk” path, not merely a walkway, pays homage to the word ‘Kongwak’, meaning “to catch,” and reveres the Boonwurrung people of the land upon which Kongwak stands.


“The dedication of the Kongwak Primary School’s teachers and 26 students to celebrating the land we are on and making the school a wonderful space to be at was beautiful to see.


“We are happy that the $500 prize went towards something that will be read by many students, teachers and visitors of the school for years to come,” he said.


South Gippsland Water provided each student with an insulated metal water bottle at the assembly, promoting sustainable hydration practices. As the bottles found their way into the hands of students, the Choose Tap message gained significance, especially on this scorching Monday, marking the advent of our first scorching day of the summer season.


Kongwak Primary School’s commitment to recognising and learning about our Traditional Owners is a beacon of inspiration. South Gippsland Water reaffirms its dedication to supporting initiatives that enhance the local community’s well-being and contribute to the broader environmental landscape.