Storage, River Flow and Rainfall Update

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Rainfall recorded at South Gippsland Water’s storages during the week of 30th March – 5th April 2019 was Lance Creek 30mm, Ruby Creek 21mm, Deep Creek 14mm and Battery Creek 22mm.

South Gippsland Water’s Managing Director, Philippe du Plessis said, “Rainfall of between 14 and 20mm over the past week has kept storage levels in all reservoirs steady.

The month of March yielded falls of between 32 and 50mm, but dry catchments absorbed a good portion of this water which had an impact on the amount of runoff that reached reservoirs.

“River flow in the Tarwin, Agnes and Tarra rivers continues to fluctuate,” confirmed Mr du Plessis. “Minimal rainfall in the east of the region has caused flow in the Tarra River to fall below the extraction threshold of 3ML and pumping has stopped until flows improve.”

As has occurred previously, water supplied to the townships of Yarram, Devon North, Alberton and Port Albert by the Devon North Water Treatment Plant is augmented with bore water treated to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Staff will continue to monitor river levels and provide regular flow/pumping status updates via the South Gippsland Water website and the Tarra River flows sign outside the Water Treatment Plant at Devon North. Any customers who have questions or concerns regarding their water supply can contact South Gippsland Water’s friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 851 636.

Across the region, all customers are requested to ensure they are following the Permanent Water Saving Rules which are in place all year round. The top three rules to remember are:

1) Water during the cool – Between 6pm and 10am

2) Sweep, don’t hose – Hosing hard surfaces such as paths and driveways is not permitted

3) Install trigger nozzles – All outdoor hoses are required to be leak free and fitted with trigger nozzles


Reservoir Major towns supplied Capacity level % Current Status
Lance Creek Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Cape Paterson, Korumburra, Poowong, Loch and Nyora 80 Permanent Water Saving Measures

Melbourne Supply System currently utilised

Ruby Creek Leongatha and surrounds 54 Permanent Water Saving Measures
Foster Dam – Deep Creek Foster area 81 Permanent Water Saving Measures
Battery Creek Fish Creek 65 Permanent Water Saving Measures


River Systems Major Town Supplied Current Status
Tarwin Meeniyan, Dumbalk Permanent Water Saving Measures
Agnes Welshpool, Port Welshpool, Toora, Port Franklin Permanent Water Saving Measures
Tarra Yarram, Alberton, Port Albert Permanent Water Saving Measures

Low flows- extraction OFF