Water Taste and Odour in Leongatha

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Customers in Leongatha may have noticed a slight change in the taste and smell of their tap water last week.

South Gippsland Water Managing Director, Philippe du Plessis said, “Water quality and operations staff have been monitoring the situation throughout the week after detecting the change as part of routine practice and in response to customer enquiries.”

Some customers have reported a stronger than usual taste and smell of chlorine and others a slight musty taste. A range of sampling and testing of water at various locations in Leongatha during the week has been conducted and follow-up testing is scheduled for this week.

“South Gippsland Water is taking steps to address the problem and the taste of the water should improve over the coming week or so,” confirmed Mr du Plessis.

“We believe the most likely cause of the change in taste and odour can be attributed to recent declining water levels. Our water quality and operations staff are considering a number of options to rectify the problem including localised flushing of pipes, or if test results support it, a flushing of the Leongatha system.

Although current rainfall, and that received over the weekend, may further impact on the quality of water flowing into reservoirs, it will be treated and managed in line with normal business operations.

Customers can be assured their water supply complies with Department of Health regulations and is safe to drink.