Will your fire plan work if mains water stops running?

Monday, January 6th, 2020

South Gippsland Water is reminding customers to be prepared with an alternative source of water in the event of bushfires and power outages this summer.

Manager Director South Gippsland Water said “bushfires and power outages can affect the water supply and customers should not rely on town water as part of their fire plans. Our ability to maintain water supply or pressure can be impacted. It is important for customers to be prepared with another source of water if town water becomes limited or unavailable.

“Our office and water treatment plants in our major towns have diesel-generated backup power. In our smaller towns the clear water storages have sufficient volumes to supply water for a number of hours/days, however, in the event of a bushfire or power outage the supply and demand for water is unpredictable. We may have to ask customers to minimise non-essential water use to preserve supplies.

It is important to be aware of the Fire Danger Ratings and if a district has been declared a Total Fire Ban or Code Red day. Being prepared is key to reducing risk when severe weather events are predicted. Understanding your level of risk is the first step in knowing what to do before and during a fire. Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family. You could be in serious risk of uncontrollable fires on Severe, Extreme and Code Red days.

In closing, “We urge everyone to stay safe and have your fire plan ready and do not rely on town water supplies,” said Mr du Plessis.

For emergency information and warnings, visit the www.emergency.vic.gov.au and for information on fire safety visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au