Wastewater Tariff Review

A Fairer Commercial Wastewater Tariff Model

Currently South Gippsland Water’s commercial wastewater fee is charged on how many toilets a customer has, not what is going down the drain.
Both small businesses and community groups have consistently raised issues about what they perceive as the unfairness of the current non-residential wastewater tariff system (cistern charges).

? What Do You Think ?
Do our quick 3 question poll and tell us if we should make changes to the cistern tariff structure? We want to include our customer’s feedback and understand what principles are most important to consider when we develop a new tariff?
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A New Way to Charge
We are looking at how we might address these concerns and develop a new way to charge non-residential properties for wastewater services, based on the load and costs these customers place on the system.

Current Cistern Tariff Structure
A fixed Cistern Access Fee that ranges from $174 p.a. for 1-2 cisterns up to $4,757p.a. for 36+ cisterns.
A volumetric charge of $2.03 per kL is added based on a percentage of metered water use:
• 80% – Business, community services, education
• 55% – Tourism, hospitals
• 30% – Sporting grounds/clubs

Fact Sheet Cistern Tariffs