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Media Releases

Community Update for Poowng Loch and Nyora Residents - February/March    PLN Community Update Feb 2014

South Gippsland Water has  a community update for the residents of Poowong, Loch and Nyora regarding the Sewerage Scheme. Click Here to view a copy.

Sewerage Review Complete - Poowong, Loch & Nyora

South Gippsland Water has completed the review of the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme. The scheme is required to address existing public health and environment issues. The key review outcomes are that a pressure sewer system is to be installed for all three towns with wastewater transferred under agreement to South East Water for treatment and re-use. In addition, much of the area originally proposed to be sewered will now be serviced, albeit under a tiered structure encompassing two service areas. There will be an $800 Service Area incorporating the central town areas which will address the public health and environment issues and a $5,000 Voluntary Service Area which generally reflects the wider township area including larger sized allotments.  The wider network of sewer pipelines will enable connection of most township properties.  A joint arrangement between South Gippsland Water and South East Water has been found to be the most economical and efficient option, potentially allowing customer connections as early as 2016. More Information.

Click here to visit the Poowong, Loch & Nyora Sewerage Scheme section of the Wastewater page.

Sewerage Scheme Community Update Mailed to Poowong, Loch and Nyora PLN Brochure Cover- Nov/Dec

South Gippsland Water has mailed a community update regarding the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme to homeowners and residents of the townships of Poowong, Loch and Nyora.  Click here to download a copy - PDF.

Leaner Sewerage Scheme Proposed - Poowong Loch and Nyora

Back in June 2013, the independent pricing regulator the Essential Services Commission tasked South Gippsland Water with identifying options to provide sewerage services at a lower cost.    The community and stakeholder working groups have met a second time, to discuss the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme. The latest workshop included discussion regarding revised data compiled during the review and options to improve efficiency whilst still meeting the community public health and amenity needs for the existing townships. More Information

Directors re-appointed to South Gippsland Water Board

The Minister for Water, Peter Walsh today announced the reappointment of the chair and three directors of the South Gippsland Water Board.

“Under the leadership of chair Joan Liley, South Gippsland Water continues to perform well for its customers and stakeholders. “ Mr Walsh said.  “I also congratulate directors Chris Badger, Anna Kilborn and David Shultz who will serve on the South Gippsland Water Board for another term”.  More Information.

South Gippsland Water Makes Taste Test Finals

South Gippsland Water’s Tarra River Water Supply System reached the state finals of the Orica Victorian Water Taste Test awards for 2013 held at the Water Industry Operators Association Conference in Bendigo last Thursday.  The aim of the award is to raise awareness of the quality of the state’s drinking water. All Victorian water businesses were invited to compete. More Information.

ESC Releases Final Pricing Determination for South Gippsland Water - Tarriffs decrease by 4.8% over five years

The ESC (Essential Services Commission) has handed down their final decision for the Water Price Review 2013-2018.  The Final Determination has provided positive outcomes for the community on key aspects of South Gippsland Water's pricing proposal that will ensure that services will be achieved at a cost that is fair and reasonable to South Gippsland Water customers. More Information

Funding confirmed for the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme

Following the release of the ESC Draft Determination in April, a number of issues were challenged by the Corporation including the ESC's exclusion of the capital expenditure for the Poowong Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme. As part of this Final Price Determination, the ESC has now allowed $20M for the Scheme in the upcoming five year period. More Information.

Poowong Loch & Nyora Sewerage Scheme - ESC Price Review Update

In late June 2013 the Essential Services Commission (ESC) is due to release its price determination for South Gippsland Water's 5 year pricing plan. The price determination will include  whether the Corporation is allowed capital expenditure for the Poowong, Loch and Nyora Sewerage Scheme. More Information - PDF

South Gippsland Water Submits 5 Year Water Plan

South Gippsland Water has submitted its Water plan III to the Essential Services Commission and is proposing an average annual price increase of less than 2% per annum.  The Water plan outlines South Gippsland Water's proposed prices, service standards, capital and operating expenditure for a five year period. More Information.

Meeniyan Celebrates Innovative Wastewater Treatment

The Meeniyan Wasetwater Treatment Scheme and Wetlands was officiallly Opened by the Deputy Premier, Hon. Peter Ryan on Thursday 27th September 2012.  More Information.


L-R: Lindsay Fromhold of SMAC, Bob Bloch former landowner, Joan Liley Chair of South Gippsland Water and the Deputy Premier, the Hon. Peter Ryan unveil the plaque at the grand opening.





SGW release Long Term Water Supply Demand Strategy for public comment

SGW today released for public comment and discussion the draft of its new Long Term Water Supply Demand Strategy, and supporting Business Case - designed to secure a reliable, quality water supply for the South Gippsland Region for the next 50 years.More information -

Complete Water Supply Demand Strategy

Complete Business Case

Customers are invited to submit their comments to;
South Gippsland Water
PO Box 102







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