Tours & Presentations

For schools in South Gippsland Water’s service region, the Corporation offers FREE tours to their local Reservoirs, Water or Wastewater Treatment Plant and classroom incursions. South Gippsland Water will also provide a representative to present at your community group meeting.

Contact the Education Officer to book, contact us.

Water Aware Education Program

Water Aware is a dynamic program that has run in the South Gippsland region over the past five years. Water Aware is free of charge to your school through South Gippsland Water.

Water Aware is not all about water conservation; the program gives an extensive overview of the whole water picture in your local community – including where it comes from, water quality, commercial and rural water use and where it goes. Information is delivered with the support of agencies including West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, South Gippsland Shire, and local major industry.

Focusing on school leaders, year five to year eight, selected students attend an activities workshop, a follow up presentation preparation day and finally present their program at a gala a presentation evening.

Activities are designed around the VELS curriculum and promote leadership skills, planning, and information technology, working in teams, community appreciation and building on relationships with community organisations.