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Preferred Equipment Manufacturers List

South Gippsland Water has a list of preferred brands, makes and models for much of our equipment. The selections have been made to ensure that purchased equipment will help us meet our objectives with respect to customer service standards, regulatory compliance, financial sustainability and affordability.

Criteria considered when selecting equipment include:

  • Compliance with all relevant Australian Standards, Acts, Codes and Regulations
  • Whole of life cost
  • Operability, reliability and maintainability
  • Availability of product support and spares
  • Consistency with equipment used across South Gippsland Water facilities
  • Developments and advances in technology and innovations.

The list is not exclusive and alternatives can be offered and will be accepted if they comply with relevant standards and benefit South Gippsland Water and our customers based on the criteria listed above. South Gippsland Water will review and update the list on a regular basis.
Preferred Equipment Manufacturers List Information can be found on the Technical Publications page.


More information and technical drawings/information can be found here: Technical Publications