Urban Water Strategy

South Gippsland Water would like to thank the many customers and communities who shared their ideas and time with us to create our Urban Water Strategy.

The Urban Water Strategy is a regional plan to deliver quality, sustainable water and wastewater services for the next 50 years.

Community contributions have been invaluable in its development, particularly those of the South Gippsland Water Community Advisory Committee who provided clear advice on what our community values.

We’ve finished examining your feedback, and alongside robust, independent climate change modelling and infrastructure planning, we have finalised our region’s strategy for the next 50 years.

As a region we’re facing significant challenges. Our climate is warming and there will be less water available for creeks, rivers and our dams. Changes in the weather may also impact our wastewater systems.

Our growing population means we have to look now at how we might continue to provide you sustainable and affordable water and wastewater services into the future.

We believe the strategy we have prepared reflects the views of you, our customers, finding a balance between security of supply and customer affordability.

Key findings of our Urban Water Strategy include:

  • Lance Creek, our biggest system servicing about 63 per cent of our customers, is secure today, but we are planning for tomorrow by using the security of the state water grid.
  • Wonthaggi Wastewater System needs continued upgrades to keep up with the growing population and provide for the future. We started upgrading this system two years ago and will continue in a staged manner.
  • Foster Wastewater Treatment Plant needs upgrading, to better protect our environment and maximise reuse opportunities.

You can read our Urban Water Strategy here: Urban Water Strategy.

View our engagement report, South Gippsland Talks Water, here: South Gippsland Talks Water and our Drought Preparedness Plan here: Drought Preparedness Plan.